Hailey and Justin Bieber easing up with a break


    Justin Bieber has been in news quite often in the past week. He was in between a spat with Taylor Swift after he defended his long-time manager Scooter Braun. Tabloids also reported that Bieber is trying to contact his ex, Selena Gomez. Then he was criticized when a choreographer accused of “degrading women” and underpaying them during his 2016 tour.

    Justin and Hailey’s break time with their dog

    It seems Justin has taken a break from everything and is trying to spend some time in peace. Who better to have than your wife and dog to help you unwind. Well, it seems that Justin knows that spending time with his wife and dog would be the fastest way to loosen himself and find some rest and peace.


    Hailey Baldwin decided to share a picture showing how relaxed Justin is with his Dog and her. The 22-year-old model posted on Instagram to show Justin lying on the couch and lazing around with their dog snuggled him next to him. The black and white picture was captioned, “My Boys. If we weren’t working today, we would probably be in the same state of mind.”

    Justin’s love post on Instagram

    Earlier, we saw Justin sharing a loving selfie with his wife on Instagram with a lovely hand heart-touching caption. He wrote that these are the moments he lives for and that both of them are each others forever.


    Everything seems loving and playful between Justin and Hailey. Both are happy that they are with each other, and both take comfort in the fact that they have a beautiful relationship.