Heavenly feeling with the most scaring and exciting view! Lets check out what that !?


    We have incredibly man-made tourist attractions, and none of is less any which has been mad and visited by millions every year.

    Similarly, a boutique design has been decided to build a hotel at the nations most famous cliff. The cliff is 1,982 foot in southern Norway which has totally become the tourist’s attraction. The hotel features different beautiful things in it. Each level is alluring. It has a protruding balcony which will provide the best view of all the time over the surrounding landscape. And at the lowest level there is a long narrow swimming pool which is built outside of the cliff face, also having a viewing desk a place which will be provided to the guests to relax and chill.

    There will also be a large platform, viewing on the top deck which is the double of the entry of the building which will be consisting of three floors and will have a sufficient place to for the guests to stay there.

    This entire idea was dreamed by Hayri Atak, an architectural design studio based Istanbul.

    But to all the excited tourists out there you gotta have to wait to book your tickets to Norway, because no word has been yet officially disclosed about the building. We might not know how long it will take to get completed.

    It’s said, the design was finalized in June, yet no exact confirmation. This idea to Huari Atak came from, a picture he saw when his sister went out for some trip and their imagined living life on an edge and experoexperi the stunning weather and just feeling the best.