“Henry Cavill” (or Superman ‘Clark Kent’) to Join Enola Holmes cast as “Sherlock Holmes”!


    The Victorian comeback to the Nancy Drew series is the legendary hit series ‘Enola Holmes.’ Based on the Nancy Springer YA book series called ‘The Enola Holmes Mysteries,’ the film adaptation ‘Enola Holmes’ will start its production very soon, quite possibly this summer!

    Before you start thinking, what’s so shocking about this, let me just come out and tell you the more interesting news! Clark Kent from the Warner Bros. DC universe will be playing the role of Enola’s older brother Sherlock Holmes in the series.

    "Henry Cavill" (or Superman 'Clark Kent') to Join Enola Holmes cast as "Sherlock Holmes"!Henry Cavill, who recently came on the ‘Mission Impossible: Fall Out’ will later cast in the Netflix’s ‘Witcher’ series after he finishes being the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s, Sherlock Holmes.

    Cavill admits to his excitement in playing against the ‘Stranger Things’ actor Millie Bobby Brown. The main actor, Enola Holmes, will be played by Brown. He took to Instagram to share his happiness like this: “Very excited to play a character as fantastic as Sherlock Holmes and very very fortunate to be working with Millie Bobby Brown! Millie, I will see you back in London soon, sis!”

    "Henry Cavill" (or Superman 'Clark Kent') to Join Enola Holmes cast as "Sherlock Holmes"!Repeatedly solving mysteries, Enola is the teen sister of Sherlock Holmes. If it is not already pretty obvious, the detective skills look like a family thing.
    Bonham Carter plays the mother’s role adding to the fabulous cast. In this particular flick, Enola will be investigating the mystery behind a missing teen whose father has been murdered.

    "Henry Cavill" (or Superman 'Clark Kent') to Join Enola Holmes cast as "Sherlock Holmes"!Along with the plot, fans wait in anticipation for who the cast would be. With the cast already growing so big and popular with the lead actors, there are also other interesting actors who are rumored to be playing on this film. Sam Claflin from The Hunger Games will also be joining the cast along with Adeel Akhtar and Fiona Shaw from Killing Eve among others.

    With Harry Bradbeer directing the film and Jack Thorne adapting the script, the release will possibly happen somewhere in the mid-2020! Cross your fingers and hope for an earlier release!