Horrible Mother Daughter duo charged murdering Women & her Unborn child


    This Thursday, woman and her daughter were charged with first-degree murder for allegedly strangling a teenage expecting woman and cutting the child from her womb.

    The Charges and The Involved

    The woman and her daughter reportedly also tried to claim the unborn child as their own. The infant died during the act.

    These newly framed charges come in addition to at least two dozen counts of first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, dismemberment of a human body and concealment of a homicide in relation to the teen mother’s death.

    The accused woman is Clarisa Figueroa, 46 her daughter who played a part, Desiree, 26. The teen mom in the incident, Marlen Ochoa-Lopez was 19 years old. Clarisa’s boyfriend, Piotr Bobak, is also being charged for cleaning up the scene of the crime.

    The Intent How The Crime Went Down

    The intention behind the woman’s crime was apparently to take the teenager’s baby and make it pass for her own, possibly due to the incident of Clarisa’s own 20-year-old son previously passing away due to natural causes in 2018

    In October, Clarisa told her family that she was pregnant in October. Her family, however, says that she had had her fallopian tubes tied. But to convince them of her announcement, she posted photos of a fake ultrasound and a nursery for the baby on social media.

    As her fake due date closer, Clarissa became desperate, to seek out a way to steal another baby.

    Then she met Ochoa-Lopez, the teen mom on Facebook in a group forum for expectant mothers around the first of April. On April 23rd, as said in reports, Clarissa invited the expecting teen to her house, offering free baby clothes.

    Then Desiree reportedly distracted the woman with photos of her own brother who had passed away. Meanwhile, Clarissa strangled her with a cable, cut the baby out and put the teen in a trash can outside after wrapping her with a blanket and trash bag.

    Soon after, Desiree called 911, claiming that her own baby was not breathing. The baby dies in the hospital, 5 days ago after three weeks of life-support failed to save her life.