Houston Instagram star PJ Simien dies in an road accident, Read in detail


    PJ Simien a social media influencer and an aspiring musician lost his life in a brutal road accident… Read what exactly happened with PJ Simien…

    Life often has a different set of planning for us. It dodges us in one way or the other. Who knew that PJ Simien’s life would come to an end and he would be killed so badly???? It is reported that PJ Simien met this accident early Monday morning. So unfortunate…..

    It was exactly 2:30 am when this incident took place, says the police. His jeep was heading east when it lost control and bumped into the sand barrels. The Jeep Wrangler rolled over several times and Simien was ejected from the vehicle.

    No one could help Simien. He died on the spot before anyone could take him to the nearby hospital. The young lad was spotted partying on Sunday night with his close friend Yvonne Guidry. His friend posted a few videos of Simien dancing, laughing and having fun from that night. But fate had something very different in store for him. In no time he lost his life…

    Simien was an Instagram star. His fan following on social media is unbelievable. Soon after this news came out in public, tributes started pouring on his social media handles. People recalled him and expressed deep condolences. Tons of people came forward showing their grief on this devastating event.

    While the case is under investigations, we hope that the police finds out the root cause of this accident soon. Awaiting for more information related to the accident.