How Can Use Instagram Videos for Promoting your Business


    Nowadays, Instagram is equally popular for sharing images and videos. A picture is worth a thousand speeches while a video is worth 1.8 million words. But how do you use them to promote your business? Is it really effective? In this article, we will discuss how you can use videos for your business promotion on Instagram.

    What is Instagram Video?

    You can use the filters with photos and can change the appearance of the photos instantly and can share the same on the social sites. Likewise, you can upload a maximum of 1-minute video into that. Like your images, this too will appear on your feed. For videos also, you can add the filters just like the photos. Instagram added a “Cinema” feature into the video which pulls the videos previously stored on the phone and cleans them up in case your camera is shaky.

    How to use Instagram videos for your businesses?

    In general, the videos give more opportunity for business people. For example: if you post the videos on your blog posts or landing pages then it will provide more SEO opportunity. Not only they can reach the number one position in ranking through specific keywords but also they can achieve them via a video. The search engine gives more weight to the videos rather than the picture. Even though the Instagram videos are short (just 1 minute) it will definitely create a high impact on your business. Because in this urge world no one is ready to spend their valuable time by watching lengthy videos. So, they are more likely to click the play button.

    You can utilize this opportunity well and can come up with some creative ideas via the 1-minute video and promote your business or product or services.

    It is not necessary you always should come up with creative ideas; you can even create videos to entertain others. But also try to promote your business indirectly.

    You can even explain small how to’s, tips and tutorials within this limit. Instagram videos are especially great for designers, artists, and photographers. It is advisable to use the demonstrations, company tours, customer testimonials, product videos and promotional offers on Instagram.

    Why should use Instagram Videos for businesses?

    There are a lot of reasons are there to use the Instagram videos for businesses such as more engagement ratio, ease of use and reach more people. Engagement is the main goal of every business. You can easily achieve this using the Instagram video app. It may be fun to shoot the videos of your business, it is more fun to get the customers involved in those videos.

    For example, you can conduct a contest and asking your customers to post the videos on Instagram by using your company products or posing under your company buildings. What will happen? Without any doubt, many people will start to engage with your business and eventually, you can either increase your sales or popularity. You can also think to buy Instagram followers to make your videos more popular among people.