How is “Jax Taylor” & “Brittany Cartwright” Marrage Holding Up, Are they Happy?


    Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright get married in front of friends, family, and God. They are happily married to each other.

    How is The Wedding?

    The ceremony was fairy-tale themed. They didn’t identify which fairy tale, but I assume whichever one involves the prince betraying on the princess with one of her employees in front of a sleeping 95-year-old woman. (The 95-year-old, was not in presence.)

    The couple did not take any photos before the ceremony. Instead, they opted for Jax to see Brittany in her dress for the first time when she walked down the corridor. Brittany revealed that’s the “best part of a wedding,”. And Jax stated that was “definitely a compulsion desire” for him. This was a big deal because two glides were devoted to it.

    Brittany Cartwright had 12 bridesmaids that include every major Vanderpump cast member exception for Lisa Vanderpump herself. Katie Perry played the role of maid of honor. Jax Taylor had 13 groomsmen, and both Tom and Tom were best men.

    And groomsmen was gifted sunglasses as gifts in return.

    Lisa Vanderpump, whose mother died on June 20. She was not expected to attend the wedding. But she attended the ceremony.

    Dinner was “filet mignon, chicken cordon bleu, or exotic mushroom ravioli,”. Later on, guests toasted the couple with blue Champagne. And then everyone had food from Hooters. Meanwhile, they danced. That was beautiful.

    We wish the couple a happy married life. We wish them love and success in their married life. May they receive all the blessings from God.

    Stay blessed Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.