How Nike has invited so much controversy by using the Betsy Ross flag.


    Because of so many controversies, Nike is canceling the release of fourth July sneakers featuring the Betsy Ross flag. This flag played an essential role during the American Revolution as this flag has 13 stars in a ring which represents the original 13 colonies during the American Revolution.

    According to a report by the wall street journal, the Nike pulled put these sneakers after the former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick and others criticized the use of the flag.

    In a statement, to TIME the Nikes spokesman said that “Nike has chosen not to release the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July as it featured an old version of the American flag,”. Nike has nothing to say when they were asked about to clarify Kaepernick’s involvement in the decision.

    Nike’s problems don’t stop here, Now Nike is facing a lot of criticism by the customers after canceling the sale of the sneakers on 4th of July and another reason for the criticism is the Kaepernick’s alleged involvement.

    The biggest mystery at the moment is the actual of the 13-star flag known as the Betsy Ross flag. A story about this flag was told to the school children is that this 13 star Betsy Ross flag was the first flag General George Washington during the American Revolution. But this not what happened. The famous story of her designing the very first American flag didn’t come out until 100 years.

    Betsy Ross flagg
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    At the historical museum of the American Revolution. An antique flag collector and researcher Jeff Bridgman exhibited 40 revolution-era flag everyone featuring this unique 13-starring. According to Bridgman, the Flag Act of 1777 designated 13-stars and stripes as the official American flag. The exhibition story Bridgeman wrote that “Absent was any explanation of what this constellation was supposed to look like,”