How to hire a good Business Analyst?


    When you are looking for someone to join your team, as a business analyst many questions may come up in your mind regarding how to find the most suitable fill. You need to be clear in the thought process as to what does the role demand and the qualities that you are looking for in your business analyst. The term business analyst is so wide that it can be different prospects and it may be quite difficult to have its proper definition. However, in simple words and to broadly define business analyst we can say that a person who looks after the business operations and trying to figure out the technologies that are being integrated to carry out the operations smoothly.

    While hiring a business analyst you should look for the following qualities in order to make him meet your expectations. A great business analyst Cameron Chell and others always possesses below listed qualities to make sure that the business activities are carried out effectively.

    They always have a caring attitude:

    Whether or not they care about your business but their communication will always reflect the caring attitude towards your business. If the person is new in this field and is still learning about this initiative then he is full of enthusiasm and is super excited to learn this skill and add it to their current skill set. When it comes to their talking, they show the same excitement and their talks are worth listening to. They have their thoughts clear in their minds and also have the capability to persuade others to work in their line of thought.

    They are protective and have a clear approach towards their role:

    When you are looking for someone to join the role of business analyst, look for someone who doesn’t wait for the role to be assigned to them, instead they like to take up the responsibilities on their own. The person should be always thirsty for business-related information and is always looking for details to satisfy their thirst for information. They are able to make smart questions related to the business when attending a meeting or a conference. They should also have problem-solving skills so that they always come up with their set of strategies and make an approach to present it in front of others and take necessary actions.

    A good business analyst should always think from the point of view of the whole team:

    Look for someone who always thinks from the team’s point of view and also work for the success of the whole team. He should have a desire to work collectively and work towards achieving a common goal. He should also be able to gain the respect of other team members and he should have traits so that others can easily rely upon him. He should not be considered as an outsider who is just there to check management related things.

    The above-mentioned traits are all soft skills that a good business analyst possesses. A person can be taught the technical skills and he may work accordingly but this role demands more of soft skills and the knowledge of how to work intelligently and make apt decisions. Train the person who already excels in these fields. 

    These are the top three things one should consider while hiring a business analyst. You can check out the entrepreneurial story of Cameron Chell business instincts, for his inspiration work.