Including a 6 six old, at least 3 people were killed, during firing at Garlic festival in California.


    On Sunday evening, At least 15 were injured, and three people including a 6-year-old boy, were killed when a shooter opened fire at the Garlic festival at San Jose, California.

    Late Sunday night that shooter entered the festival through a creek that borders the parking area Gilroy Police Chief Scot Smithee told the reporter in an interview. He added that the shooter used a sharp tool to cut the park fencing and entered the festival. He said the media that the Gunshots were reported around 5:40 pm and the officers were so fast that they suspected the shooter in less than a minute and killed the shooter at the scene.

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    According to some eyewitnesses, there is also a second suspect, but it remains unclear as because if there is any second shooter, the Gilroy police has suspected it just as the first shooter Smithee added in his statement.

    Names of all the victims have not released by the authorities, but the family of a 6-year-old boy has confirmed that their son was killed during the firing. Alberto Romero told the NBC Bay Area that his son Steven Romero (6-years-old boy) was there in the festival with his mother and grandmother.


    “I don’t know what to say. My son had his whole life to live, and he was only 6,” Alberto Romero said.

    A video from the Festival has gone viral where attendees are running, and people are yelling “go, go, go.”

    The annual Gilroy Garlic Festival is a three-day celebration of the state’s garlic production and attracts thousands of visitors every year, according to the festival’s website.

    Police are still trying a lot to identify the shooter, and the motive of the firing is still not known.

    Gilroy Mayor Roland Velasco¬†has given an emotional statement. Stating that “This is a tragic incident for our community. On behalf of the City and the Gilroy City Council, our thoughts and prayers go out [to] the victims and families,”