Indian Youth Hangs Himself Live On FB after Girlfriend Got Engaged with Other Guy.


    A man in Agra,Uttar Pradesh India hangs himself live on FB over the reason that his girlfriend was marrying someone else.


    A man named Shyam Sikarwar hanged himself in a temple, and the footage was released on Facebook. Shyam left a four-page suicide note saying that he couldn’t bear the fact that her girlfriend was marrying someone else. A very foolish act performed by Shyam has left many netizens angry.

    In the suicide note, he said sorry to his family for taking this step. He said to donate his body organs and forgive him for his decision. It is yet to confirm that if Shyam and her girlfriend had split up or were still together at that time. The villagers found his body in the temple on Saturday after the video was posted. The video has now been taken down due to the graphic content.

    Shyam told the authorities to not take any action over anyone over his death. Shyam said that he missed her so much and couldn’t live without her. He wrote that her engagement caused her soo much stress that it was affecting her job too. It was reported that he told his family and friends of the lifestream. So some of his friends saw him take on his own life.

    By the time the report was filled, his family members had deactivated his profile. Till now the autopsy has been conducted, and the report is given to the family members. The name of his girlfriend has been kept anonymous to protect her. The incident has left the family and friend traumatized.

    The body of Shyam has been given to his family. The decision made by Shyam has put everyone in a tough spot. His family and friends would take years to recover from this tragic incident.