Internet’s Favorite Dog Made the Internet Cry, Star Of Show Brooklyn Nine Nine Cheddar Passed Away


    The corgi that played the role of Cheddar in NBC’s show Brooklyn Nine-Nine has unfortunately passed away. The news was given by Stewarts real owner on Instagram, and it broke the fans.


    The real owner of Stewart described how the last day of her beloved dog went. She wrote that they went to the beach and ate at In & Out burgers. She wrote that they met the vet later that day and was put to sleep. Stewart said the world goodbye while listening to the waves of the ocean and in his owner’s arm.

    Cheddar was a meaningful member of the show, and his adventures were to be noted. There were episodes that revolved around him like when Jake and Amy managed to lose him. During the Halloween heist too, cheddar was a star of the episode, and no one could catch his stealth mode. Her owner wrote that he was her “supaah staah.”

    The role of Cheddar for the show would be played by her sister, Stella. Stella was kind enough to accept the role and carry on her brother’s role. The fans were honestly heartbroken by this. Rewriting the words of Captain Hold “cheddar, you are no common bitch.” The adorable dog had an army of loyal fans who watched him on and off the screen.

    Over the years Cheddar was played by different Corgi’s, but he was the longest-serving. Trainer Michael W. Miliotti spoke about the dog a while back where he revealed that the cute dog liked to ‘get the laugh’ out of his co-stars. Stewart would be missed by every fan of the show.