Iowa’s official got fired for showing his love of rapper Tupac Shakur


    Iowa Official got fired. Do you know why? Was it his love of Tupac?

    Why did he get fired?
    Jerry Foxhoven, the director of Iowa’s Department of Human Services, was forced to resign and many of his former employees suspect his email to Tupac Shakur being the reason. He 66 year old sent an email being happy for rapper Tupac Shakur to all of his 4,300 agency employees. That’s why many of his former employees believe his love of Tupac made him lose this job. But what does this official think? He thinks it was just a coincidence.Iowa employee, Tupac fan

    Was it just a coincidence?

    He explained that by telling people that he had been requested a meeting by Kim Reynolds way before he sent that email. What was there in his email? He reminded his employees that father’s day was near and on the same day it is Tupac’s birthday. He also attached an “inspirational” quote which was: “Pay no mind to those who talk behind your back; it simply means that you are two steps ahead.” He was very obsessed with Tupac, and he had sent emails to employees mentioning about Tupac before. He had also celebrated Tupac Fridays in his office. What do you think? Was it just a coincidence? Do you think he was obsessed or not? Well, I do believe he was obsessed with Tupac, I mean who celebrates “Tupac Fridays”? The employees would be annoyed by his Tupac obsession. What happened was right for Iowa. Foxhoven needs to keep his obsession refrained.