IP Man 4: Release Date and Everything You Need to Know Before Release!


    Ip Man 4 is the 4th part to the franchise of Ip man which was first released in 2008. Releasing on 25th of July 2019, this movie is based on the IP man who was the first person to teach Kung FU.

    Kung-Fu is a very well-known martial art all over the world. The one who started training Win Chun (a form of martial arts) in the late 19th century. IP Man, born on October 1st, 1893, was the first man who started teaching Kung Fu.

    He faced many problems but did his best to become best in the Martial artist of his time plus taught his students well. He’s one of the very best students was Bruce Lee.

    Completely true or not, but it shows how much hard work and sacrifices he had gone through to achieve his dream.

    IP Man 4: Release Date and Everything You Need to Know Before Release!
    image credit: Pegasus Motion Pictures

    IP Man (Movie)

    This is a martial based movie in Hong Kong. Donnie Yan plays the role of Ip Man (Yip Man) since the very first release, Movies by Ip man Franchise.

    • 2008- IP man’s history and life story how he learned and expertise’s martial art.
    • 2010- When he wanted to set up the teaching school with his family. Later learns about the corruption behind this teaching industry.
    • 2015- He overtakes the crook and the gang of goons who wanted to rule the city.
    • 2019- The part will show when Ip man meets Bruce in San Francisco where Bruce is living. Against the local gang as he had also opened a Wing Chun school there.

    Danny Chan is playing the character of Bruce Lee.

    The fourth part is ready to release and hit the audience on the 25th of July in Hong Kong. The excitement can easily be seen on the faces of the cast members as recently Donnie Yen has shared his video doing Kung Fu at the age of 55. The video clearly shows how active one could be at this age, where others plan retirement.