iPhone 11 Series Is Missing Out A Great Technology, Are You Still Ready To Invest In It?


    Apple’s iPhone lineup is just two months away from its unveiling, and already we have a handful of information to hint what we can expect from the next releases. The variety of leaks till now have revealed that we going to have successors to the iPhone XS and XS Max, and a sequel to the iPhone XR in the market since September.

    Exciting Enhancements In iPhone 11 Series

    Exciting enhancements are the first triple camera systems, USB-C and use of iOS 13.  With all these, the updates will bring a system-wide dark mode, privacy enhancements, and a performance boost. The updated specs definitely seem quite appealing. Well, some are even desperately waiting for the release to just have it.

    iPhone 11 molds Image Credit: Mark Gurman/Trusted Reviews
    iPhone 11 molds Image Credit: Mark Gurman/Trusted Reviews

    Something That Can Change Yor Decision To Buy iPhone 11

    But a new exclusive from major Taiwanese website DigiTimes can change your decision at once only. It said that Apple is not going to instill potentially game-changing new ToF 3D camera technology in the iPhone 11 models. This is to save it the tech for 2020 iPhone models.

    The repercussions will not be the same as expected if this is true. Apple’s partner Sony has already termed the technology better in comparison to Apple’s current 3D mapping technology in Face ID. Apple’s tech has the capability to capture only 50 centimeters (19-inches) area while ToF 3D camera technology can map anything in 3D up to 5 meters (16 feet) away.

    The extra range from the new technology will not only open the doors for a wonderful design of iPhones but will be proved beneficial in instant camera focus (even in low light), advanced AR and VR environments and even advanced gesture tracking with which  a user’s hands can manipulate a gaming environment, fight and cast spells.

    If you have a question about how iPhones’ design can change through this technology? Then the phone having the ignored 3D camera tech will have a smaller notch at the front side. This is because the Face ID sensor array will shrink when a new sensor is used. Even it is speculated the notch can disappear. Sounds amazing right?

    iPhone X
    iPhone X

    Why Apple Missed Out On The Rewarding Technology?

    It will be a great query that why Apple is missing on the tech if it is so rewarding. This is not at all due to eliminating the hurdles of production delay. Forbes quoted the reports as “Apple reportedly passed because the iPhone 11 misses out on too many features to make its inclusion worthwhile. Something which may explain why Apple pulled other camera features from the iPhone 11 recently.”

    So, when the upcoming iPhone 11, 11 Max, and iPhone 11R do not have all the above-stated features, then is it worth to purchase? And this is when we will have a new phone in just the next year with the same technology. The iPhone lineup in 2020 will be a massive generational upgrade with the ToF 3D camera technology. While its predecessor will be almost the same as the 2018 edition, at last, should it be your patience that should be rewarded?