Is 13 Reasons Why 3 Making A Comeback? No Official Announcement Yet, When is The Release Date?


    It is hard to wait for your favorite series for its next season. 13 Reasons Why 1 and 2 made quite a stir among the audience with its perfect depiction of reality and the audience are eagerly waiting for its next season to release soon. But there has been no official announcement yet from the authorities. The reason is unknown.


    Season 1 and 2

    13 Reasons Why is indeed a different kind of show. It talked about mental illness, suicide and sexual abuse among young people. The show helped many people to actually open up about their mental condition.

    In season 2 the story got darker and it promised a season 3 with its super climactic ending.

    What Is The Controversy About?

    Even being a super successful show 13 Reasons Why had to face controversy regarding its portrayal of the suicide scene in season 1. Finally, the makers decided to edit the scene after advice from medical experts. Now the season is less graphic. The handling of sensitive topics such as suicide and abuse will be gentler. Scenes of violence and crime will be taken care of with utmost care.

    The sexual assault of Tyler at the end of season 2 also raised a lot of controversies. Makers are trying their best to make season 3 more viewer-friendly.

    All About Season 3

    According to the creators, season three is going to be the best so far. They are going to handle the delicate issues of abuse and suicide in a more appropriate way without hurting anyone’s sentiments. Story-wise also there is going to be a lot of twists and turns.


    Release Date

    Netflix usually keeps mum about any of their big series’ release date. Although most fans were expecting the show to drop in June like its previous seasons, now after all the controversies they are expecting a later release.

    But Zack Prusak, who is an extra in the show last month wrote on Twitter ” 13 Reasons Why Season 3. October 2019. Let’s go”. However, there has been no official confirmation on the release date and time. With his Twitter, fans are expecting the show with interest and enthusiasm.

    Well, the wait will be worth it certainly.