Is Demi Lovato Really Dating The Bachelorette’s Mike Johnson?


    Even celebrities have their fangirling moments over their crushes. One such celebrity is Demi Lovato who has a big crush over The Bachelorette‘s star Mike Johnson.

    Demi is crazy for Mike Johnson…

    Mike Johnson

    Demi hasn’t shied away from expressing her love for Mike. The 31-year-old actor was one of the contestants on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. Throughout the whole season, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter has fangirled over Mike.

    She was disappointed when Mike left the show…

    On the July 1 episode of the show, Mike was sent back home after a one-on-one date with Hannah. In reaction to it, Demi shared a video on her Insta story in which she was seen watching the episode and shouting to Mike on television: Swing me, kiss me! Booboo. She further said that she accepts Mike’s rose.

    Well, it’s crystal clear how much the Stonecold singer likes Mike. And from here, fans started shipping the two. After his exit from the show, Mike tweeted a cute post for her future wife. In response to the tweet, the Lovatics started pairing up Demi with Mike with many tweeting how Demi’s waiting for Mike.

    In one of the comments, a fan replied to Mike’s tweet that Demi’s waiting for him alongside her gif.

    Another user tweeted – I think you got yourself that type of wife, her name is Demi Lovato.

    A fan shared the screenshot of Mike’s tweet to Demi’s Insta account (she’s not on Twitter) with the caption- It’s your chance demi. In reply to it, Demi wrote: “I’m right here Mike. I’m right here Boo”.

    Her mom likes Mike too…

    She further wrote that even her mom already loves Mike. Well, looks like the Confident singer is crazy for The Bachelorette star. Although Mike hasn’t responded to the “shipping” comments so far, fans ardently wish for the two to be together soon. We hope that Mike takes notice of Demi’s love for him so that we might have a new couple in the town.