Is it an End for Walking Dead? Kirkman Concludes comic the Walking Dead All of a Sudden


    A favorite among all comic fans, The Walking Dead has come up with some really bad news. The creator of the comic book series Robert Kirkman announces the end of the series without any prior notice. Fans still can not get out of the shock. Why such a sudden decision to end The Walking Dead? Let’s hear it out.

    Robert Says

    Well, if you still can’t believe the news, hear it from the horse’s mouth itself. Robert Kirkman, the man behind the successful comic series, confirmed the news. He said-” This is the end of The Walking Dead. That’s it…we’re done”.

    But Robert did not finish here. He understands the pain and the shock the fans got with such a sudden unexpected announcement. The man provided the fans all the reasons wanted. He chose to write a letter talking more openly about the reasons to end the series.

    He expressed that he understands the anger of the fans. Kirkman continued saying that the success of the comic series is based on surprise. They had to draw a finishing line to the series before it lost its essence. The makers wanted to make the end worthy of its true nature, and that’s why they took a decision not to drag it any further.

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    Tweets from Kirkman

    The creator warned all his fans to stay away from the issues which are leaked. He gave a cautionary warning and told everyone to be careful online. Spoilers alert indeed.

    Dead End for Fans

    No doubt the fans are very upset about this news. The Walking Dead has also been adapted and will have its 10th season in this fall. The comic series is going be in the hearts of millions of people forever definitely.

    The T.V adaptation will continue anyway. Kirkman even wanted the two series to have different conclusions.

    Let’s wait for the 10th season of our favorite The Walking Dead.