Is Jennifer Garner and John Miller split up rumor true ?


    Actress Jennifer Garner’s personal life has become the subject of abundant tabloid speculation yet again recently after major publications questioned whether she had broken up with her boyfriend, entrepreneur John Miller, due to the couple having not been sighted in public for more than a couple of months on end.

    But, speaking anonymously to Entertainment Tonight, a source supposedly close to the couple suggested that they were simply ‘slowing things down’ and taking time to reflect on their relationship, with the lack of public appearances or outings being the natural by-product of their long-held desire to stay away from the spotlight.

    Garner has, though, been vocal in the past about her relationship with Miller, opining on multiple occasions that part of why it works so well is that her other half isn’t an actor or someone even remotely involved in show-business.

    As such, given her willingness to talk about her beau, if the rumored split has indeed taken place, we might actually just hear about it from Garner herself pretty soon.

    This recent rumor spate, of course, comes right after fans wondered whether Garner was pregnant subsequent to her latest post on image-sharing platform Instagram. In the picture, the actress could be seen wearing a red dress, with her right hand placed on what appeared to be a slight baby bump, though Garner is yet to confirm a pregnancy.

    Previously, Garner had been married to actor Ben Affleck, with whom she wed in 2005 and divorced in 2018 citing irreparable differences, though the couple had already been separated for a number of months prior.

    Credit: Wire

    Garner and Affleck had three children together – Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel – whom they still co-parent and have been lauded on multiple occasions for even spending time with together as a family.