Is Jessica Chastain the daughter of actress Bryce Dallas Howard?????


    What’s the truth ??? Read what Jessica says on this matter……

    Its good have a super popular mother. Rather its great if your parents are in the same profession along with you. People believe than Jessica is fortunate in that case. Everyone thinks that Jessica and Bryce are kin.

    But sadly that’s not the truth…. Jessica reveals it herself in one of her recent interviews. She says that fans often mistake her as Bryce’s daughter. Jessica accepts that she resembles the Jurasic World star a lot.

    She narrates an incident back from days when she was not in this acting business.She says that its not only fans, once she also got confused when she had a glance on one of the leading magazine covers featuring Dallas Howard. Initially Jessica thought that its her picture only. Later she realized that it was Dallas Howard.

    This is not the only time she has been mistaken as Bryce. You would be surprised to know that Bryce’s father Ron Howard has also got trapped in this identifying game. Poor Ron!!!! The award winning director met Jessica in an Apple store and identified her as Bryce. Though he was little confused but he could not figure it out that it was Jessica.

    That’s really funny!!!! So as per Ron, Jessica is Bryce’s daughter as she is the exact copy of the later. After all this confusion, Jessica and Bryce met on the sets of THE HELP in 2011. The duo was shocked when they saw each other.Imagine… even their hair colors also match. To such an extent they are similar. Amazing!!!!

    Jessica feels extremely lucky to be connected to the iconic Bryce. She takes pride when people compare her with Bryce.

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