Is Kevin Gates a Criminal in the Long List of Many?


    Kevin Gates has allegedly been accused of bringing a huge amount of cash in prison. The originality of the money has not yet come to the fore. It is learnt that Gates might have to face serious consequences for committing this criminal act.

    Kevin Gates has been seen bringing $300 dollars in prison

    Gates is under accusation for bringing $300 illegally. Back on Monday, Gates had posted a picture with his inmates at Elayn Hunt Correctional Sector in St. Gabriel. In the picture, he has seen playing cards, and he, in particular, has been seen holding cash. The picture was immediately deleted thereafter, but he had already brought himself under the notice of the cops. Though, it is still not clear whether or not thee money is real. However, the money that was flashed in the picture was suspicious enough, which sparked an investigation.

    Is Kevin Gates a Criminal in the Long List of Many?

    The reaction of the Law to Gate

    Ken Patrick, who happens to be the spokesperson of Lois Department of corrections has asserted in The Advocate that Gate’s act is clearly an act of violation. He has outlawed certain norms and policies, and he should be punished. She also says that since Gate’s has checked in prison to see his inmates, which means he had taken all the policies of the prison in his acknowledgement and an act as this is violative of such norms and policies.

    However, investigations are still on the run as the rapper in the picture was initially identifies as the rapper’s father but the cops, however, have identified him as the rapper himself. Though the law has not yet decided what punishment the rapper should be subjected to. The originality of the money is also under question. The rapper is constantly interrogated, and he is to respond to any queries yet.