Is “Sean Combs” (Diddy) Dating 22 Years-old “Lori Harvey”? His own Son’s Ex-Girlfriend?


    Rumors are coming that Diddy is dating Lori Harvey, who is his son’s ex-girlfriend and daughter of Steve Harvey.

    Let’s Dive Deep In The Rumor And Find Out Why This Rumor Is Spreading Like Fire

    They both have tried to explain every coincidence of their togetherness. And have also revealed that they are family friends and so can meet at any place without planning. Again coincidence.

    But last week something happened which can’t be explained well.

    Is "Sean Combs" (Diddy) Dating 22 Years-old "Lori Harvey"? His own Son's Ex-Girlfriend?

    Lori was caught by Paparazzi going into celebrity sushi hotspot Nobu in Malibu. Clever and active Internet investigators who were following her noted the car she arrived in was Diddy’s silver Maybach!

    They even claimed that a photographer source spotted Diddy right behind her. But that he moved back into his car when he saw the cameras.

    Now if that’s true and all of a sudden it doesn’t seem like there’s any chance of an innocent explanation. Or should we say that there is no such good answer? 

    Now Let’s Talk About The Solid Evidence

    On Wednesday they both were caught again together. Even they were captured together. They were even wearing matching clothes. Like white t-shirts and tops and navy blue striped bottoms.

    They were walking together in New York City. And when cameras came in front of them, Diddy’s reaction also got captured. And it is clearly seen that he was not at all happy to see the cameras.

    Nobody knows why they are not accepting their relationship. But if all the rumors are coming like this there are possibilities of something is there between them.