Is Spiderman Star Andrew Garfield secretly dating model Christine Gabel


    Actor Andrew Garfield has been a prime feature in entertainment tabloids, since his breakup with Emma Stone, nearly every time he’s spotted out with a woman the press recognizes, and it seems that they’ve found fodder for publication yet again.

    The 35-year-old was recently captured on the streets hanging out with a model named Christine Gabel in Los Angeles.

    Reportedly a medical graduate from the University of Southern California, not much else is known about the 25-year-old yet.

    The rumored couple was purportedly introduced to one another by a mutual friend, and their budding romance is seemingly newfound. Speaking to Radar Online, a source further stated, ‘They’ve only been dating for a couple of weeks…It looks like it could turn serious pretty fast. Andrew and Christine seem really into each other. I’ve seen them together and you can just tell they had a strong connection right off the bat.’

    Credit: US Weekly

    Of course, Garfield and former Spider-Man co-star Stone broke-up after years of dating back in 2015, and have asserted their subsequent friendship and continued respect for one another ever since, with the former remarking, ‘There’s so much and love between us and so much respect. I’m her biggest fan as an artist.’

    Garfield, in previous months, has also been consistently linked with British singer Rita Ora, the two having most recently captured together in London by the paparazzi back in December last year.

    Much has also happened to Garfield since the conclusion of the ill-fated Amazing Spider-Man franchise, with the actor having won a Tony Award and even appeared as the protagonist in Mel Gibson’s highly-acclaimed war film Hacksaw Ridge.

    Credit: Sony

    And, if industry whispers are to be trusted, Sony Pictures might have a Marc Webb-led Spider-Man reboot in the works, with Garfield’s return as the web-slinger seemingly on the cards.