Is there already a triangle started. Carmelo Anthony seen solving the puzzle about the Mystery girl!


    Is there already a triangle started, between the Lala’s and new mystery girl. Let’s find out!

    Recently, the New York former Knicks player, Carmelo was spotted in South France on a Yacht with a mystery girl soaking the sun.

    Well as soon as the photo viral on the internet, the former basketball player lost his calm and denied about the dating rumors. He said, the girl spotted with him is married and a have a family and a child.
    There are many sources claiming that the mystery girl spotted is Sara Smiri, 28 and single. Whereas according to Page 6 they say, Carmelo is not lying about the girl.
    The news and the pictures circulating everywhere seem to have disappointed La La Anthony wife of Carmelo Anthony.  She deleted a picture of a heart with an ax posted on Instagram in the form of the story after there were pictures of Carmelo everywhere. It seems that she is affected by the news and showcased her expression regarding that. It’s also said, she has many trust issues problem with her husband after their patch up. Meanwhile, when the photos got viral real soon, Carmelo posted a video saying, stop doing it. We were at a business meeting and the girl spotted has a family a child and the news is affecting their family and the rumors have already affected my family. I have to answer my wife and my child. “This ain’t cool” he added.

    Well, La La also posted a beautiful picture saying thank you for her Birthday wishes and surprisingly not mentioning her husband Carmelo. According to the sources she will be celebrating her birthday in Atlantic City, N.J.

    Well, now this is really brewing hot and we hope all will be well with the families after this viral news.