IT Coming Back To The Threaters!


    IT is coming back to scare us all with its chapter 2. The first IT movie made the new generation scared of clown all over again and now it is coming back. Chapter two is set to release on 6 September 2019. The trailer which was shown at San Diego gave the comic con a horror start of all time.


    The trailer for the movie was released on Wednesday in San Diego comic con. This movie is not for people who hate clowns as our murderous clown is worse than ever this time. The trailer shows that the loser club members are now adults and have forgotten the past. Pennywise is back but the adults of loser club are unaware. In the trailer we see Mike telling his friends that pennywise was not stopped back then when they battled him.

    The adult caste in the trailer reunites at a Chinese restaurant. They certainly haven’t kept any connection as they were zinging each other over who got married or not. The trailer continues showing that everyone is starting to reliving the horror days. Bill is shown running towards a kid who is supposedly being haunted by the clown. Bill finally reaches the kid but they are separated by a wall. The scene gets intense from their when pennywise and Billy both are trying to reach the kid first.

    The clips of the trailer show that the gang will have to return to their old house and it is only visible to them. The last clip takes later in the film during the time to battle the murderous clown. The last clip shows the deep-seated guilt of Billy and tells the gang that he will go alone. The gang is fully ready and following the kind words from Richie, “let’s fuc**** kill this clown”.