David Foster and Katherine Mcphee: The Couple celebrate Honeymoon in Italy


    David Foster tied a knot with Katherine Mcphee. Is the wedding season back? Maybe.

    On 28th June 2019, American Idol star tied the knot with David Foster. Recently on Wednesday, she posted pictures on Instagram from her big day. All the fans were left in awe. The most significant gossip creator photo was of the singer sitting on the couch with Foster leaning towards her, shortly after reciting their vows.David Foster and Katherine Mcphee

    David Foster is 69 years old while Katharine Mcphee is 35. Such significant age differences are the new fashion in the glam world. While Mcphee posted a series of snaps, Foster took a shorter approach; he posted just one picture of them inside the church. In other photos revealed by Vogue, David Foster and Katharine Mcphee seemed to be very happy, coming together at the venue, cutting the cake and enjoying the day with friends and family.


    The Dress

    Katherine Mcphee wore a gorgeous white dress for the ceremony. But that’s not all. She changed into a blue dress for the reception night. She paired his elegant blue strapless dress with metallic strappy heels and a cute petite purse. Foster wore a bow tie and a black suit, and he looked pretty handsome.


    The couple went to Italy for their honeymoon and posted pictures from there on their Instagram accounts.