It’s all clear that millions will be heading up in Area 51 and let’s check out the rest of the story!!


    There are millions of people who have joined the cause claiming that they will be going to make a joint effort to uncover the hidden aliens, once and all. The idea behind this joint effort is that, as much people will be involved, it will be possible for them to find aliens and it will surely work for them.

    The entire Area 51 is heating up wat too much. This thing has become so huge that the Vegas is seen putting odds on people for not only raiding the top-secret Air Force Base but for also they are potential successful raider will be able to find aliens or not.

    They also think that there are possible threats waiting aside and therefore they won’t be suggesting storming Area 51 unless and until it is not accompanied by the professionals.

    The Ghostbusters Twitter tweeted and also said it with an animated video which is pointing out the possible threats which are waiting inside according to them.

    During an interview with the ABC News affiliate KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas, the entire Area 51 plan the mastermind behind is Matty Roberts, and he also explained how this whole thing was initially was taken as a joke.

    He said, “It all just started out as just a pure stroke of imagination, just funny. I wanted to do something cool out there now that we have a bunch of people, but I don’t anybody to get hurt.” He added.

    After the Facebook campaign to raid the Area, 51 million have joined to the cause becoming the mainstream trend in the pop culture. This sounds really exciting.

    We just hope things go well, and no human should be heated.