It’s been 40 year’s and going a man hasn’t washed his hair. Check out what the entire story!!


    Imagine not washing your hair for a week or two!? Gross isn’t it!? But we have a Man in India who hasn’t washed his hair for 40 years.

    Yes, that’s right! 40 years.

    Sakal Dev Tuddu 63, from the Munger District of eastern Bihar state has 6ft dreadlocks for the last 40 year’s and says that he washed them since 40 year’s as he says they are a blessing to me from God. He wears it like a mat of hair on the top of his head.

    Sakal worked for the forest department for 31 years, and he lives with his wife Rupiya Devi, three daughters, three sons, and seven grandchildren. When asked his wife about his hair, she says she has got no problem with his hair.

    He claims that his hair wove itself into a jatta which he considers a divine blessing. The data looks exactly like sadhus. And because he considers his hair as blessings from God, he has eventually quit drinking and smoking.

    His neighbors call him ‘Mahatma Ji.’ People come from different places to see him and his hair and click pictures of it. It’s said when people visit his place he treats them with some good humor.

    He is also known as a traditional healer and prepares homemade remedies for childless couples.

    There was one such more person to exist and hold a record of not chopping her hair. The world’s largest dreadlocks are held by a woman is Kenyan resident Florida woman called as, Asha Mandela. She has 110 feet (34) incredibly long hair when measured in 2018. She was 55 then.

    Well, these people scare us and at the same time leave us stunned by their big records.