It’s Confirmed! Carlos Valdes aka Cisco Is Not Leaving The Flash


    Since the finale of season 5 of The Flash, rumors began that Carlos Valdes who plays Cisco Ramon will leave the series. But the actor himself confirmed that he’s not leaving the show.

    Cisco will have no superpowers in Season 6

    Season 5 saw Cisco aka Vibe getting rid of his superhuman powers by taking metahuman cure. This major change in Cisco’s character led many to think that his role is over in the series. The Flash is all about superheroes and Cisco now not being one won’t fit into the category.

    Fans were disappointed to think of Cisco leaving the Star Labs and not in the team anymore. But recently, the actor himself came forward to shut these rumors. He confirmed that he was not leaving the show. The whole cast was present at San Deigo Comic-Con on Saturday where Valdes made the statement.

    Valdes loves his team…

    Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Valdes said “I know everybody here is wondering. I know. I see the look on your face”. “I’m not leaving the show”, he added. Valdes further said that he loved the guys in the show who loved him back. He loved being in the same room with the guys. So, he’s not leaving anytime soon.

    Cisco is undoubtedly needed in season 6 to help the team fight off the “Crisis on Infinite Earth”. And not to forget that this time we’ll have “the most personal villain The Flash has ever seen”. With his powers gone, Cisco will act as the scientific brain for the team doing all the science-related stuff. “We’ll see the rewards that he’s (Cisco) reaping being able to balance his work and personal life”, Valdes said.

    What new will be there in season 6?

    Sendhil Ramamurthy as Dr. Rosso

    The most person villain of The Flash is Bloodwork aka Dr. Ramsey Rosso. The role will be played by Sendhil Ramamurthy. Barry Allen aka Flash will have a new suit in the next season. Grant Gustin who plays Barry said that the season has a more adult tone with the show becoming matured and darker.

    Executive producer for season 6, Eric Wallace said that the new season is a season of thrills and chills. The Flash season 6 will premiere on Tuesday,  8 October at 8/7c on The CW.