Jaw dropping display of bikini body by Izabel Goulart in her latest insta post


    Now we get to know why temperatures are soaring !!! The reason behind this sudden temperature rise in none other than Izabel Goulart….

    The supermodel is drooling over our hearts with her recent insta post. How can someone be so sexy and elegant at the same time??? It seems as Izabel is an exception and is the answer to the above question.

    Great body … Great abs and a bang on attitude. Indeed a perfect combination. Recently the model took to insta sharing three pics flaunting her bikini body. The model is spotted near a pool. The first picture shows her sitting and chilling by the pool. Her long legs and perfectly toned body makes the pic an award winning capture.


    In the second one, she is all out there showing her bright orange bikini. She makes her look even more glamorous by accessorizing it with a neck piece and  some golden bracelet. The model is full on enjoying her vacation which is pretty evident from these posts.


    The third one is an absolute stunner. It shows her taking a break from hot summers and diving into the pool. Its a visual delight for her fans. These pics got more than 4K comments. That is wonderful !!!!


    The supermodel is in Greece with her fiance. These pics are sneak peaks of her holidays. Fans went crazy and started appreciating Izabel for her beautiful body. Fans consider her as the only supermodel alive. They even envy her fiance because he is in a relationship with the hottest woman in the world.

    This is so cute !!! We must say Izabel is very lucky as her army of fans is so loving.

    Stay tuned for recent updates!!!!