Jay-Z Entering The Legal Marijuanna Business? Business is Selling High.


    Rappers partnering up with companies is not new, but Jay-Z just made a new level by partnering up with a cannabis company. Jay-Z is the latest rapper to enter the legal marijuana business.


    In a statement, Jay-Z said that he is in a long term contract with California based cannabis company Caliva. Jay-Z is back in the game but this time, legally. The company said that Jay-Z would act as a chief strategist. The company stated that Jay-Z would help the company to increase its social outreach.

    Jay-Z also told that he wants to create something fun and amazing in the process. He made a statement saying that whatever he does he wants to do it at the highest level. Calvia currently has one farm and two stores in Nothern California. The company wants to focus on community outreach. The company also focuses on providing steady pay jobs to those who are hot by the money-gap.

    For Jay-Z being with a cannabis-selling company really changes the game of partnership. This partnership adds up things to Jay-Z’s winning streak. Jay-Z has done a lot in criminal justice reform and this adds up to the work he has done. What he has done to reform criminal justice is not just nothing, he was the main part in Meek Mill case. Meek and Jay-Z launched a new foundation dedicated to criminal justice reform.

    Slowly many rappers have been entering the business of selling legal marijuana. Snoop launched his own by the name of Leafs by Snoop. How the company will proceed under Jay-Z’s command will be a thing to watch. The company has positives hope regarding the entering of Jay-Z in the company.