Jeffrey Epstein accused of harrasing and raping Jennifer Aroaz


    who is Jennifer Araoz?

    Jennifer Araoz is a 32-year lady from New York she is on the news because she had put allegations on the famous American Financer Mr Jeffrey Epstein of 66 years. She came on the NBC’s Today show on Wednesday where she talked about her past harassment and exposing the accused.

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    Details on the harassment case.

    Jennifer told that she was harassed when she was 14 and raped at the age of 15. The story goes as when Jennifer was 14 and studying in Talent Unlimited High school a few mansions away from Jeffrey’s palace, a recruiter of Epstein used to come by her school often trying to be familiar with her buying soda, praising Epstein in front of her by telling how great person he is. The Recruiter even promised Jennifer of fulfilling her aim to be a Broadway actress plus helping people with AIDS as her father died due to the disease.

    When finally they were familiar, Jennifer was taken to Epstein’s house where Epstein told her “I take care of you, you take care of me”, he even offered her wine despite knowing her age. After that, she was called frequently, and every time she left a $300 was given. Epstein used to take her to massage room as to make her only wear her underwear and said he like girls with small breasts. A year later, Epstein made her lay down in the same place and raped where she always tried to stop him. And after that incident, she didn’t revisit him.

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    What’s Epstein Side of Story?

    Though Epstein denies the allegations, he has already been labelled as a sex offender due to his previous claims. And currently, he is serving jail. The man was accused of trafficking underage girls and using them to satisfy himself. He was first arrested in 2008 then again in 2019.