Jeffrey Epstein Arrested For Sex Trafficking Minors? What Now?


    Jeffrey, a pedophile, got arrested for trafficking minors from New York and Florida in 2002-2005.

    There will be a hearing on this case of Jeffrey being a pedophile. This 66-year-old financier has molested many minors and got arrested by FBI on Saturday. After a total of 12 years, his crimes got unveiled, and hopefully, he will be punished for them too. For years many lawsuits were filed against Jeffrey for molesting minor girls. For so many years he was roaming freely with no charges. His crime will now be questioned in the court for the first time.

    He has to appear in the court in New York on Monday.

    On Monday there will be allegations against him for sexually exploiting underage girls. He used the tactic of paying these girls cash for massaging and in the process, molesting them and sexually forcing them. This gruesome crime took place in his Palm Beach mansion.

    Epstein will be charged for sex trafficking of minors and engaging in sex trafficking of minors. This can put him in jail for at least 45 years. These girls were young, 14 years old, and underage. Epstein was fully aware of it.

    The billionaires’ employees helped him to recruit them and sometimes became recruiters themselves.

    When #MeToo was going viral, there was the paucity of stories related to Epstein’s crime, why? Because he was protected by his fame, contacts, and money. Justice is blind to all that, still he was able to hide from being charged for his crimes.

    Giuffre, one of the victims, recounts that when she was getting molested she was told that they are giving her training to satisfy men’s needs. In her statement, she says that they were training her to work for other men as well.

    That means girls were not only molested once but multiple times by multiple people. They planned on using the girls as objects to be sold in the market. How shameful it is, they were very young.