Jennifer Lopez 50th Birthday Was Something So Phenomenal That You Wouldn’t Believe!


    Jennifer Lopez turned 50 years on Wednesday, and she had the most elegant birthday one could ever dream of. The birthday celebration was yes huge but also insane and overwhelming.

    A heck load of stars crashed down the large mansion and believe it the cake was massive. Gloria Estefan’s waterfront mansion on Star Island in Miami was literally glorified with the main girl Jennifer Lopez herself with a bunch of big names like DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Ryan Seacrest, and Ashanti.

    But what attracted the party is the present from J Lo’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez. The 43-year-old husband spent a whopping sum of $140,000 to gift the birthday girl a red Porsche 911 GTS convertible. Also, don’t forget about the huge cake! Five people brought the cake that was if ten tiers and was taller than most of the guest. The organizers paid $10,000 just for the cake, TMZ reported.

    The cake had J Lo’s name and number 50 written in Swarovski crystals. The cake was constituted of Divine Delicacies Custom vanilla rum cake with dulce de leche filling and guess what the cake was covered with 24 karats edible gold.

    She even got her portrait taller than yeah all those people attended.

    Fiancé, Alex Rodriguez told that it was amazing to be in her 50th birthday and he loved her so much. “All the Way Up” from Fat Joe stirred the moment in the party; everyone stepped in and went crazy.

    J Lo, even after involving her in a great moment of her life, will be in Miami concluding her tour after concerts on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.