Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and others in the “Hustlers”: see the game by the strippers


    In Hustlers, the members of a squad of Strippers of New York, after 2008 market crash starts robbing and drugging Wall Street Banks. Jennifer Lopez is 49 years old and will play the role of a stripper. The famous actress, dancer, and singer will play the lead, and many other top stars are added in the list.

    Constance Wu, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles, Lili Reinhart, Trace Lysette, and Madeline Brewer are also added in the cast of “Hustlers.” Julia Stiles will play the role of a journalist who will chase for the story of the strippers. The pop and rap star Cardi B and Lizzo are also included in the cast.

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    Lorene Scafaria talked about how hard she tried to cast all the stars in one project. She told media in an interview that she chased Cardi since last two year seven before finalizing the script. And she also said that she chased Lizzo for one year too. It was her dream to work with both of the rappers.

    She also talked about casting Jennifer that it is her luck that she got Jennifer too, as casting her makes the furthermore tasks quite easier. She also admired her and said that everyone wants to work with her and also thanked her for luck.

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    First, the movie, Hustlers, is based on facts; thus, the film already gains attention by viewers. Second, the movie is multi starrer; therefore, the fans of these big stars are waiting to watch them all together sharing the big screen.

    group of stars together makes a constellation that is searched by everyone in the sky among all the other objects in the sky.

    by- aditi garg