Jennifer Lopez: New York concert rescheduled because of Power Outage

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    Jennifer Lopez, the American singer, actress and dancer, is celebrating her 50th birthday by performing for her fans from her birthplace. She will be fifty on July 24 this year. To make this special she is performing for her fans to her best.

    On Saturday 13th of July, New York was set on to Blackout because of some technical issues. Which caused over 30 blocks all-black thus no lights from 6:47 of the evening to the midnight. This not only disturbed the regular activities but also rescheduled Jennifer’s concert. The concert was in Madison Square Garden, New York.


    Earlier she posted a video showing how heartbroken she felt after listening to the news that she can’t perform on Saturday and even more disappointed to imagine how frustrated the fans must be.


    Later she expressed her excitement to perform on Monday for everyone. She shouted in the enthusiasm that NO BLACKOUTS THIS TIME. She even mentioned that the fans would get more worthy than the ticket cost for which she will make sure.

    We understand Saturday night is Saturday night and Monday night can’t change it. But when it comes to Jennifer, she may boost the energy in the people to work throughout the week. The disappointment is quite understandable as it is like purchased a candy to eat now but dropped it and the next candy store is far away.

    We hope without having dates and days as the problem fans will enjoy the concert as much as they wished to.

    “Enjoy happiness whenever you get, with either late or early”

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