Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas-Howard looks alike: Ron Howard mixed them up

    Jessica on the left and Bryce on right

    Many stars have their look likes, and when it comes to Hollywood, many actors and actresses are being compared. They all go through at least once in their career as you look like them. It is something nature has decided, and humans have nothing to do about it. Recently in an interview, Jessica Chastain confirmed that she did look like Bryce Dallas Howard. They both are American actress who performed together in “THE HELP.” Since then, they both are compared. Jessica spoke very well on being asked how it feels when everyone confuses you with her.

    Jessica on the left and Bryce on right

    She remarkably answered it with very polite words that it feels good. As Bryce Dallas is a fantastic person and actress, this feels good to be compared by her. She shared a scenario from the set of The Help that once one of the crew members admitted they mistook them with each other.

    Jessica Chastain also shared her first meeting with Bryce Dallas, where they were sitting on a table observing each other. Then they decide to watch in in a mirror, and themselves found each other similar. She admitted that Bryce’s nose and features are sharper than hers and many things are different, but they do look similar no doubt.

    Even once when he met Ronald William Howard on the street, he also got confused her with his daughter Bryce. He was like I thought I saw Bryce. Isn’t this funny how the two actresses look so similar that people keep mixing them? Even their friends and family.
    Jessica is 42 years old, and Bryce is 38. They both are popular for their work. Where Jessica is more famous for her feminist role, Bryce is a good role player. They both share many things in same but have lots of difference too.

    Jessica Chastain and bryce dallas
    Bryce Dallas on the left and Jessica Chastain on right

    Fans themselves get confused among both of as the actress said that once when she was reading magazine there was Bryce’s picture in it and she was like what I am doing there. The faces match, so do the hearts and talent.