Jessie J shut down questions about boyfriend Channing Tatum in an interview


    Jessie J quickly shut down Ben Shepherd when he tried to talk about her romance with Channing Tatum on this morning. She said: “let’s stay focused.”

    ITV program: talk show interview

    Jessie j went on the talk show on 26 July to discuss her role as a judge on the voice kids. During the conversation, shepherd mentioned how Jessie had been spotted with Tatum at the opening night of magic mike live earlier this year. “You obviously got to see it with mike himself,” he said to the singer, to which she replied, “Yes, I did.”

    “That’s a performance that seems to be quite…” he continued. But Jessie quickly shut him down by interrupting and saying: “the opposite of the voice kids.”  Let’s stay focused on the voice kids.

    Jessie tried her best to avoid the conversation related to Tatum, but shepherd persisted. He said: “there are some very distinct ways of performing, and that’s a very different one.”

    The singer stayed calm and responded positively to conclude the interview. She said: “Yeah, I mean the voice kid is insane, and I have loved every second of doing it, and I am so excited for the final show tomorrow.” The way she spoke represented her professionalism. It’s not like she’s been wholly opposed to discussing her relationship with Channing Tatum, but that wasn’t the right place.

    Jessie J and Channing Tatum are dating since October

    Jessie first started dating Tatum in October. They were first pictured together for the first time walking hand in hand in London. Since then, the couple has publicized their relationship on social media. On July 2, the singer shared a series of pictures of herself and Tatum cuddling up during a date night.

    Well, it is so good for her keeping her temper fresh and acting professionally. One should always keep her private and professional life separate for peace of mind and happiness.