Joao Gilberto Famous Musician is no more Died at 88.



    Who is Joao Gilberto?

    Before we move into his death, news lets, brush up on his background. For those who don’t know Joao Gilberto was a famous Brazilian singer and songwriter plus guitarist. Due to his contributions in music filed Gilberto was called “Father of Bossa Nova.”

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     How did the legend die?

    Joao Gilberto died at the age of 88 in his apartment in Rio De Janeiro on 6yh July 2019. The reason behind his death is said to be the declining health faced by Gilberto for a long time now. His daughter Bebel Gilberto looked upon him on his last days, helping him financially and mentally. The news of the death was surlily confirmed by his son Marcelo Gilberto when he posted on Facebook.

    Gilberto death was big mourning news because of his place in the music industry. He was the who introduced Bossa Nova by mixing traditional samba with modern jazz influences in the late 1950s. The song “ Girl from Ipanema” gained massive love and popularity and till now its one of the best works by Gilberto. Furthermore, he continued to give great pieces and established as one of the greatest artists.



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    How did people react to the news?

    Brazil mourned on the news, various celebrities and fans shared their respect and grief via social media. They are starting from Gilberto Gil, the Rio De Janeiro O Globo newspaper, the president “ Jair Bolsonaro.” Though the president’s remark as presenting Joao Gilberto, a “ famous person” brought many backlashes. The legends daughter shared pictures on social media, giving gratitude.
    On Monday the funeral will be held at Rio’s Municipal Theatre. Many people, including some famous names, are heard to be attending the funeral to pay respect. Though the person is no more, his work will always fill his presence among us. May his soul rest in peace.