Joaquin Phoenix in the new Joker poster is looking menacing


    In the upcoming movie Joker produced by Todd Phillips, Joaquin Phoenix will turn up as Joker.

    Joker is an upcoming American thriller film directed and produced and written by Todd Phillips. It is based on the DC Comics Character Joker. Test screen reactions describe the movie as horrifying and scary. Joker is a supervillain of all time.

    Cast of Joker


    Joaquin Phoenix will play the leading role of joker/Arthur Fleck in the film Joker. He is a mentally ill Stand up Comedian who is disregarded by society.

    Robert De Nirodh will play as Murray Franklin. Zazie Beetz will turn up as Sophie Drummond who is a lover of Joker. Francis Conroy will play the role of mother of Arthur i.e Penny Fleck. Thomas Wayne is played by Brett Cullen. People have praised the performance of Joaquin as Joker and have said that he has nailed his role.


    As the trailer suggests that Arthur is obsessed with the Wayne family and this could be because he may belong to this family.
    Joker takes revenge from the man who left him and his mother during poverty and then he and his mother are left out and disregarded by society to seek vengeance for him and his mother.

    Release Date

    Joker’s trailer is already released and the full film is to be released on 5th October 2019.