Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner and their marriage hits


    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner get married this year in 2019. They engaged two years ago in the year 2017. Sophie had commented on her sexuality and had asserted regarding her singlehood. Finally, she met the love of her life, Joe. They have celebrated their wedding for the second time in Las Vegas. Sophie’s comment on her sexuality remains controversial though not much is known about it. Her new life tends to overshadow such complications.

    Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas: The Wedding Hit

    JOE JONAS and sophie turner

    Musician Joe Jonas and the “Game of Thrones” actress Sophie Turner tie their nuptial knot this year. Their marriage was conducted in Las Vegas and was proceeded with Elvis Presley’s impersonator. The wedding, as it was tweeted in various social media and videos were also launched on Instagram, was a big hit. It is said that they have celebrated their wedding in Vegas for the second time. Instagram was flooded with videos of their precious moments.

    Previous Controversies

    Even before the couple had engaged with each other, Turner had produced doubts about her sexuality. She had also confirmed that she would remain single throughout her life. However, finally, she met the love of her life. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner had their engagement done in the year 2017 and are eventually married now.

    Upcoming events

    The newlyweds have multiple events to attend together. They have recently attended the Billboard Music Awards at MGM. The Jonas brothers are the hot topics now. Joe was married shortly after the marriage of Nick and Priyanka Chopra.

    Sophie’s Sexuality

    Sophie Turner

    Sophie Turner’s comment on sexuality stirs debate. Though she is married now, and it still happens to be a matter of controversy amongst her fans. Nothing much is known. It seems that her new life has stifled this matter. Her new life with Joe Jonas is likely to overshadow the controversy.