Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Are in Tragedy After Their Pet Dog Passed Away


    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner recently tied the knot for the second time, went around the world and spent quality time with each other on holidays. After all, these charming couples were having a great time and were happy. But now the tragedy has conquered their happiness, and the deuce is mourning on the demise of their pet dog, Waldo.

    Their adorable pet dog-faced an awful death earlier this week in New York City. TMZ reports, The Waldo Picasso lost its breath after getting struck by the car and ultimately killing it. Jonas and Sophie Turner’s dog walker took the doggy day out on the lower east side of Manhattan on Wednesday, and it turned out to be fatal for the Alaskan Klee Kai.

    The puppy got frightened with the pedestrian, broke free, and ran out to the street. A freak Accident, called by Jonas’ rep, happened after the oncoming car hit the dog.

    Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were deeply saddened and upset, that they even took on the therapy to awake the tragedy. This caused them to took two days to report in the New York Police Department.

    The singer and Game of Thrones actress added Waldo Picasso to their family in April of 2018. Waldo was the brother of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner another dog Porky Basquait. Waldo Picasso was famous and active in the social media platform Instagram too. The dog has massive 45,200 followers on Instagram.