Joe Russo wants Keanu Reeves to play this superhero in MCU.


    This has been Keanu Reeves’ year. From the blockbuster movies to being dubbed as internet’s crush, Keanu has been everywhere. And yeah, not to forget his appearance in cyberpunk. Seriously, the man is on every media platform in the world. Such is his fame.

    Being a uber-talented action star and a very bankable hero, Keanu has offered coming from all over, and many directors are drooling for him. Considering how superhero movies are all the fad now, we’d certainly love to see Keanu kicking some in a superhero movie. And what better place to play a superhero than in the MCU. Like Keanu, MCU is also rising in popularity at an impossible rate. After releasing a movie that broke Avatars all-time earning records, it seems like there is no other series, franchise or universe that even comes close to the MCU’s potential for making hard cash. So having Keanu as an MCU superhero would not only be beneficial for both Keanu and Marvel but as fans, we would be witnessing something spectacular.

    SOURCE: Comic Book

    It seems that fans are not the only ones who are dreaming of this mind-boggling collaboration. Joe Russo has already thought of a role that would be picture perfect for Keanu Reeves. In an interview, the Russo brothers, along with Kevin Smith, discussed the Actor being a part of MCU. While they were engaged in talking about Keanu Reeves playing a role in MCU, Joe Russo took the stage and said that opportunities for the actor limitless. This was when Smith added that Keanu would be an excellent fit for the role of Moon Knight and surprisingly enough, Joe Russo agreed to it.

    SAN DIEGO, CA РJULY 23: Marvel Studios president and producer Kevin Feige attends the San Diego Comic-Con International 2016 Marvel Panel in Hall H on July 23, 2016, in San Diego, California. ©Marvel Studios 2016 (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney) *** Local Caption *** Kevin Feige

    The MCU team has been thinking of adding Keanu to their roster of actors for a long time. The president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige Keanu Reeves comes up every time they are discussing or thinking of making a new movie. He also feels that Moon Knight may not be the best fit for the actor as he is looking at another Marvel character which is Wolverine. Seriously, if anyone could fill Hugh Jackman’s shoe, it would be Keanu and us as fans would certainly love to see it. At this moment Keanu could make a sidekick look like the main hero of the film. Whatever role he plays in MCU, here’s hoping we see him soon sporting a badass costume.