Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Divorce Battle, Case of Abuse but who is The Real Victim


    Just as a new celebrity couple makes a lot of news, a couple who breaks up makes no less noise as well. But after two years of divorce from his former wife Amber Heard, why Johnny Depp is making a hue and cry once again? The couple got married in 2015, and soon after their marriage, within two years they got separated. And the marriage did not end on a happy note either. It got quite nasty and messy.


    Charges on Johnny by Amber

    The cause of the couple’s separation was pretty serious as it involved domestic violence and abuse. Amber claimed that Johnny hit her on several occasions whenever he lost his temper. She had photos as evidence and also a video showing Johnny throwing a wine glass at her.

    However, her allegations were totally blown off by Depp’s ex-wife Vanessa and a close friend of him. It was impossible for Johnny to hurt any woman. Amber was disrespected and was criticized for her false accusations.


    Who is the Real Victim?

    Well, the matter rose up once again as the tables are now turned. Johnny Depp has filed a case of defamation of $50 million against his former wife Amber, and he says that he was the victim of the abuse. Depp filed this case after Amber made a lawsuit against him in the Washington Post in December.

    Depp completely denies these allegations against her and said: ” I will continue to deny them for the rest of my life.” He confessed to media reporters saying that it Amber who physically abused him. Acts of domestic violence happened many a time with Johnny and in front of the third party as well.

    Things got real serious when Amber’s lawyer Eric George claimed that this is an old tactic of all abusers where they put all the blame on the victim. It is part of Depp’s conspiracy theory.

    Johnny’s spokesperson strongly protested against Amber and her lawyer and said that they have no evidence to prove who is the real culprit. Johnny also expressed how many women who were previously involved with Amber in relationships faced a serious level of violence.

    The battle is ongoing. We hope the real perpetrator gets justice.