Johnny Depp’s Career Have Been Turned Into Dust? Accused of False Charges


    Johnny Depp’s career is in ruins because of some charges of physical violence. Amber has issued a restraining order from the court. Depp’s job is at stake as charges on him were proved true.

    Charges on Johnny Depp?

    The renowned actor Johnny Depp has been accused of domestic violence on his spouse Amber Heard. The charges have been put on him by amber herself who had gone to the court issuing a restraining order from the court. According to Amber, Depp has been very aggressive to the point of not being hesitant in raising hands on her. She adds that she has been held a victim in this toxic marriage with Depp.

    Johnny Depp's Career Have Been Turned Into Dust: Accused of False Charges?

    The other side of the story holds the accounts of the charges being put on Aber by her ex-husband Depp. Depp accuses Amber of being violent and frequenting physical onslaughts on him. He complains that he is the one who has been held captive in a toxic marriage as he is doubtful of his ex-wife’s overconsumption of alcohol and drugs.

    Amber’s lawyers have reported that all the charges of Depp are false. He has fabricated the fake charges to save his image and save his career from drowning. Depp has been of the opinion that amber has literally feigned the bruises on her so that she could garner the sympathies and succeeds to defame Depp and his career. Depp adds that Amber has been an ignoble person all along, and as a result, there was not any compatibility between them.

    The couple has finally parted their ways. However, Ambers seems to have won the case, and Depp’s career has been stained to a great degree. Every charge on Amber was proved false, and Depp was held guilty of domestic violence.