Julia Michaels add stars in The Jimmy Fallon Show! Let’s check out !


    Julia Michaels is an American songwriter and singer. Julia released her new EP “Inner Monologue, Part 2” recently.

    And to support this upcoming project, Julia appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” She was joined by, Phoebe and Minaj. On the eve of her release, she attended the show to showcase the single “Hurt Again.”
    She got a warm and a very enthusiastic welcome¬† from Jimmy and he sang her songs like “Issues” and “Anxiety.” She later launched into the infectious track, which is just a new-released track, EP Inner Monologue Part 2.
    Though somedays back NBC did not confirm each guest’s role on the show, it was pretty sure that Julia will surely perform and to live up to everyone’s expectations she did perform and what a Wow performance! She also looked very beautiful and the way she was dressed up was very appealing.

    Well, Inner Monologue Part 2 is Julia’s third major label EP and the second of 2019 with the following of the release of Inner Monologue Part 1 in January. The EP has featured Selena Gomez in “Anxiety” and “What a Time” featuring Niall. When asked about her eight-track Inner Monologue Part 2, she says, “I definitely feel like it picks up where I left off.” She also mentioned that her songs talk about heartbreaks, love, and self-image more than anything. Some songs came after being heartbroken, some came when I was in love with somebody,” added the very talented Julia.

    Julia is The Grammy Award-nominated multi-platinum singer and songwriter. Well, we hope that this new track of eight songs break all the records and raise the bar high! Very high!