Jumanji Is Back: But Why the People are not Interested? Fans not liking the concept.


    Jumanji is back, with the same characters but with a hell lot of a new idea. The new movie trailer dropped and climbed its way to the trending page.


    The previous one ended with everyone being friends out of the game too, and it all looked happy until the trailer showed us something. The trailer starts with Alex Wolff looking all bored, leaving the adventures of Jumanji. Alex, aka Spencer, starts with rebuilding the casete of the game and starts the game again.

    Then we see the group coming over to Spencers’ house to check upon him. The trailer shows us Spencers’ dad and his dad friend are over the house. The group finds out that Spencer went into the game by himself and goes into the game again to see him. The group finds out that the game has short-circuited and the characters are different now.

    This time Dr. Solder and Franklin Finbar and Spencers’ dad and his dead friend. The rock plays the dad, and Kevin Hart plays the dad friend. The best part about is the rock and Kevin are buddies/brothers in real life too, and their chemistry is cherry over the top. Seeing both Rock and Hart playing the role of 50 yrs old is amazing. Seeing two very capable actors acting like 50 years old will be epic.

    Another new thing we see is Nick Jones aka Alex is back in the game, after the first movie it was not looking that Jones will return, but the trailer cleared that up. Many and I mean many questions arise from the trailer then being answered. Spencer was nowhere to be found during the trailer, so we have to wait to see where he went.