Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise for a UFC fight but he is busy filming Top Gun 2


    Justin Bieber has officially challenged Tom Cruise for a UFC fight on Twitter 

    Pop star Justin Bieber has recently proposed Actor Tom Cruise for a fight in the UFC’s octagon. UFC is an American martial arts company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It organizes events and fights for its worldwide viewer. The UFC’s octagon is simply a fighting ring in the shape of an octagon.

    Tom Cruise, who is busy nowadays with the filming of his upcoming movie Top Gun 2, has not yet responded to Justin’s challenge.

    However, Tom was recently spotted in L.A during the filming of Top Gun 2. And as we are familiar with tom performing his stunts on his own, the 57-year-old actor seemed to be in good shape.

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    Justin said that “I’m pretty sure Tom would whoop my ass in the fight. I’d have to get in some good shape”, yet it seems stupid of him to challenge a person for a fight who is about 30 years older than him.

    Justin, in his post, also addressed Dana White, who is the president of the UFC, to organize the event. But now it feels like he regrets challenging Tom, Justin admits that “He’s(Tom) out of my weight class. He’s got that dad strength.

    And now Justin is being mocked down by people all over the Internet for being dumb enough to challenge someone like Tom Cruise for a fight.

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