Justin Bieber persistently Tries to contact Selena Gomez ? Know why?


    Wonder why Justin Bieber seems desperate to contact Selena Gomez. Even after the cheating allegations and his breakup with Gomez, it appears that Justin is trying to contact Selena.

    What could be the reason

    After Selena’s beautiful appearance in the Cannes Film festival, it seems that Justin can’t take his mind off her. After the Cannes, it was seen that Justin had been showering compliments to Selena. Justin complimented her by saying she looks fantastic and that he is pleased that she is doing so well. Is Selena stuck in his mind? Is that why he wants to talk to her? Or is it due to something else?

    SOURCE: Glamour

    Is it related to his spat with Taylor?

    Well, we know that there is a spat going on between Taylor Swift and Bieber. Taylor, who is Selena’s good friend, confirmed on social media that Justin was cheating on Selena Gomez. Of course, she didn’t blatantly accuse Bieber. She had a better way. Taylor slyly liked a comment that accused Bieber of cheating. She and everyone else know that she made it visible what had happened between Selena and Justin.

    Even though the rumor about Justin cheating has not been confirmed, Selena has said that Justin has cheated on her multiple times. Bieber himself hinted about him cheating when he told a magazine in 2015 that there are beautiful women on the road and you are trying to be in trouble. Bieber refuses the allegations and is trying to get in touch with Selena. Many think that it is an attempt to speak his side of the story after an argument with Taylor Swift earlier this week. Swift’s issues with Bieber came up on Sunday, Taylor slammed at Justin’s manager for bullying her and trying to destroy her career.

    SOURCE: International Business Times

    Justin’s thoughts

    Even though he is married to Hailey Baldwin, and is planning to have a lavish wedding, which for some reason is frequently postponed. He keeps trying to reach out for his ex, Selena through mutual friends. He says he is under treatment for depression and wants advice from Selena as he is going through what she went through. However, Selena refuses to communicate to Justin; she has been focusing on her physical and mental well being since she left the rehab.