Justin Bieber shares his pic and Hailey Baldwin is enamored with him.


    Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are enjoying every moment of their lives with each other. It seems that getting married was the best decision that both of them made. After blowing everyone’s mind about the secret marriage, the couple cannot cease loving each other and enjoying their better half’s company.

    Justin and Hailey have been kind enough to let us have a peek in their married life from time to time. The couple is not hesitant or shy to share their feelings publicly. Both have taken to social media platforms numerous times to show their affection for each other. The show of love by Justin and Hailey also shuts down the mouths of people who allege that they are facing turmoil in their relationship.


    From the viral poem that he posted on Instagram about god’s greatest creation, Hailey Baldwin or his post where he is seen cuddling with Hailey and captioning the position as his lips being jealous of his arms as they get to hold Hailey. Justin doesn’t let anyone forget how lucky he is to have Hailey with him. Haley can also be seen on social media, reciprocating Justin’s feelings. She recently posted a pic of them together where she is putting her head on his shoulder. The pic was a tribute to Justin to mark the first anniversary off his proposal.


    Justin recently posted a shirtless picture of himself which sent all is fans into a frenzy. The post received comments from all over, but the most exciting and expected comment was from his loving wife. She commented three drooling face smileys on Justin’s shirtless photo. In another one of Justin’s post where is scene enjoying his morning coffee, Haley said Hi and two smiley face emojis with heart in place of eyes.


    Both Hailey and Justin are head over heels for each other, and they never back down from expressing these feelings to each other. The couple seems like they are enjoying their married life as they completed one year together after marriage.